About Aircraft Composites Australia


A small, hard-working aviation composite manufacturing and repair facility established in 1998, ACA has long been a provider of composite services to the aviation industry. We have extensive experience with repairs and have a large range of GA composite parts which can be manufacture to suit your aircraft.
ACA has the following CASA approvals:
  • CASA Part 145 Approval
  • CASA CAR30 
  • CASA One-Off Production Certification
  • CASA APMA Manufacturing Approval
We are not affraid to discuss any project you may have, from Cessna 150 spinner repairs to DHC-8 Radome repairs to Bell 212 Fire Bombing tanks.
ACA prides itself on being able to think outside the box, meaning nothing is ever off the table.
    Cessna 177 Brackets

    ACA can manufacture machine metal parts for replacements for your aircraft